Helping the community and neighbors in need in Frederick, MD

About Us

Who we are

 Second Street and Hope is a small non-profit organization focused on serving those in poverty. We started out of Centennial Memorial United Methodist Church in downtown Frederick, MD.  However we are not officially affiliated with any religious denomination. We left Centennial in mid-October of 2018 and will be expanding to the Hillcrest neighborhood of Frederick in 2019.  Look for updates of our new partnerships soon.  

Our Mission

 Our mission is to alleviate the pain of personal poverty through emergency provision, and eliminate the problem of persistent poverty through personal mentoring and education. 


How we help

Big things are happening at

Second Street and Hope.

Second Street & Hope will be expanding

our service to the working poor on the

West end of Frederick. Initially we will

be partnering with the Asian American

Center of Frederick (AACF) on their

Little Free Library in Hillcrest shopping

center. The Little Free Library makes

books available to children in the area.

Second Street & Hope is funding new

books and is in the process of building

additional Little Free Library’s to expand

this program. Additionally we will be

supporting AACF educational sessions

for pregnant women, free community

health fair, and children’s educational

outreach programs. We are also supporting the work of area school-based food shelves and the Boys and Girls Club.

Second Street and Hope recognizes

our tremendous base of volunteers

particularly the individuals, churches

and organizations that provide

community meals and we ask that

you please stay tuned for future

opportunities to serve with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Second Street serve meals?

Meals will continue at Centennial Memorial UMC at 8 W. 2nd Street as a ministry of the church, see for more details.

Saturdays from 4-5 pm

Who should I contact about volunteering?

For volunteer opportunities, please contact us (below).

When can I drop off donations?

Tax deductible monetary donations can be mailed any time.

please contact us to make arrangements for all other donations.

What types of donations do you take?

We accept donations of non-perishable foods such as peanut butter, canned meats, soups, and fruit. Please check all expiration dates - we can only give out food that is not expired.

In addition, we collect personal hygiene items such as deodorant and shampoo.  

What types of clothing can I donate?

We are not currently accepting clothing donations. We suggest that you donate clothing to either the Frederick Rescue Mission or Centennial Community of Hope.

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Second Street and Hope

1080 W Patrick St #16, Frederick, MD 21703, United States

P.O. Box 305, Jefferson, MD 21755
(301) 639-5962

A message to our donors

Our commitment

 From the Chairman

Thank You ... Thank You ... Thank You

As Second Street and Hope prepares to transition our operations to the West side of the

city I want to recognize our founders, donors and volunteers.

Second Street and Hope was initially the vision of Pastor George Earle, Bill Sauser

and Mike Albro who in 2002 led the effort to incorporate Second Street as a private

nonprofit in downtown Frederick. Since its inception Second Street and Hope has

reached out to the folks in downtown Frederick with hot meals, warm clothes and love.

Our founders instilled in us a love for the community and particularly for those in

our community who are suffering. We have always been a safe place for the distressed,

addicted and homeless offering hot meals, warm clothes and recovery. We are forever

indebted to our founders mentioned above and all of those early contributors who had

the forethought to offer assistance to the disenfranchised in our community.

Our faithful donors have allowed us to continue this ministry for the past 16 years

always willing to give a little extra during the lean times. 2nd Street has served over

100,000 meals over the past 16 years and provided warm clothing, groceries and

personal hygiene products to over 4,000 folks in our community. None of this is

possible without our strong donor base. Thank you for your continued support and

your love for our community.

To every volunteer whose hands have prepared a meal, had a conversation with a

community member, washed a pan in our kitchen, packed a bag lunch, decorated a

lunch bag, donated clothing, prayed for us....We are deeply grateful to you, and we hope

you will continue to walk along side of us in this next season of our growth. None of

what Second Street and Hope does could be done without you. You are our community.

I initially came to Second Street on a Wednesday in 2003 to meet with my old friend

Pastor George Earle. While meeting I heard music and laughter from the back of the

church and inquired as to what was going on…. Pastor George explained that it was

a Celebrate Recovery meeting sponsored by Second Street and Hope. Pastor George

also mentioned that there was pizza downstairs. I started attending the Celebrate

Recovery meetings and eating free pizza on Wednesdays which led to attending

the Contemporary Service on Saturday evenings. Hanging around the church with

the people from Celebrate Recovery, Centennial and Second Street was my first

introduction to authentic Christian Community and I loved it. Ms. Juanita Dutrow

strongly encouraged me to attend a Men’s Credo Retreat weekend which was the

most positively impactful event of my life outside of being present for the birth of my

children. After my attendance at Credo I became much more involved in the ministry

of helping others. I started helping out and volunteering for different things around

Second Street and was eventually invited to join the board. I can’t begin to explain

the gratitude I have for everyone at Second Street that have shown me the meaning

of community. Everyone who has participated in this ministry by serving or being

served has had an amazing impact on mine and my family’s life. I look forward as the

Chairman of Second Street and Hope to continuing the legacy of the ministry as we

move forward in our community.

Thank you all and God Bless,

Frank Clements

Chairman, Second Street and Hope 

Meet our Board



Frank Clements - Chair

Pat O'Toole - Vice Chair

Ken Switzer - Treasurer

Doris Branch - Secretary

other members

Jamie Eaton, Bill James, Kim Johnson, Julie Wilson